I am so happy to announce, we have found a source of venison which I can truly say, the owners have nearly the mirror beliefs of venisonsteaks.com:
All NaturalNO Growth Hormones, 

NO growth-promoting Antibiotics, NO Animal Byproducts.

They are GRANDE NATURAL MEATS, a family-owned, Colorado company, run by Rich Forrest, a daughter (Morgan) and Jeremiah (son in-law) who have been in business for over 20 years and are dedicated to Service and making the customer happy with a diversity of game meat products and antler pet treats.   

BBB Accredited Business A+

Safe with GEO TRUST 

I hope you will give Grande Natural Meats a try.  Grande Natural is also known as ElkUSA.com on the Net, or call 888-788-7441.  They have a wonderful store at 19612 Us Highway 160, Del Norte, CO 81132, be sure and stop if you are ever in the area.  Being located in Colorado, they cannot raise red deer due to state regulations.  However, they are experts in domestic ELK, the same species as red deer, but a little larger subspecies, effectively, a cousin of red deer.   

 Also one could try their Whitetail deer, Axis or even Fallow deer.    All three are little smaller deer than the Red Deer.  They also sell other types of venison and other meats such as Buffalo, Wild Boar, domestic Goat Meats and Rabbit.  ElkUSA is the largest retailer of USDA Elk meat in the USA, and the only national distributor of USDA Whitetail venison.  Grande products can be found in some regional grocery chains like Sprouts Markets, and the Natural Grocers stores.

Grande Natural will be taking over the website venisonsteaks.com, so by going to venisonsteaks you will be transferred to Grande Natural Meats and ElkUSA.com.  Their website is older but easy to shop via a menu system.

Again, please give Rich and his crew a try; good people, good meat, good service.  AS AN ADDED INDUCEMENT, RICH IS WILLING TO OFFER A 10% OFF FIRST-TIME DISCOUNT (USE CODE VS10), to the old venisonsteaks.com users.  The code will be good thru 1/31/18.  However, it does not apply to Shipping & Handling, Wholesale, Gift Packs, Bargain Barn and Bundles. Sorry, Rich said, there are no rain checks and there is limited stock on some varieties. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer codes or sales, except for selected shipping deals. Their website only accepts one promo code per order so in order to use more than one code, you must call us at 888-788-7441. Their sales department is available from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm MST, if you have any questions. 

Rich has told me that you will also be receiving future discount codes, as offered to Grande’s best customers.

Thank You for the trust you have put into venisonsteaks.com and myself,

Judy Gergen 

Owner: VenisonSteaks.com and Bur Oaks Red Deer

Please visit ElkUSA.comGrandeNatMeatsLogo

STORE IS CLOSED Thank You. Bur Oaks Red Deer Venisonsteaks.com

I have greatly been blessed in my life. I have been able to spend my life with my animals, dogs; Dairy Cows (growing up); Horses boarding, training, showing, selling; baby pigs, owning-managing an early-wean off-site nursery for a genetics company; then Bur Oaks Red Deer (www.venisonsteaks.com).  Where I have been the last 20 years.

Last year my husband said “we should retire”.  That was after we had just rounded up, cut off antlers on the boys (had to do that before taking them to the processor, or they won’t take them).  It was also the first time I needed help holding my side, doing my part.  It was also getting harder for him and the rest of our aging help crew.  That word sent shock waves through me.  “Retire”, I’m not ready.  All my life, it seems, I have gone into the next-season of my life with eagerness and full force ahead.  This “not”.   But all things come to an end, just as Spring ends, so does summer, etc.

Thank you to those who have given us such wonderful feed-back on our venison!  From not only a consumer of our product, but a distributor who sold our product to many restaurants and individuals, to say that we have been a “supreme pioneer when it came to the best quality domestic venison”.  The time, work, and dedication to our herd, at one time 450 animals, has been not only deeply gratifying but a true blessing in my life.

We have made many friends through this business and we hope that these friendships will continue even though our venison sales, venisonsteaks.com website, sales@venisonsteaks email, and 800 number will come to an end.  The 800# has been discontinued but you can still contact me at 641-797-2081 or cell 641-425-7581 (text also), when the website closes on November 15th, this Wed., our sales@venisonsteaks email will also end, but you can email me at oldprairie@wctatel.net.

I truly say “THANK YOU” to all of you for contributing to our successful Bur Oaks Red Deer business.  If you are ever in north central Iowa call and plan to stop.  We love to visit.


Bur Oaks Red Deer