About our Meat 

Our Bur Oaks Red Deer Venison is dry aged the old fashioned way, unlike our competition and the beef and pork industry who wet age.  We accept that we will have shrink and loose some of the weight from our venison meat before we put them in the packages.  But by dry aging we get a much more tender and flavorful (sweet- nutty flavor), not the bloody-metallic taste with wet aging.  Wet aging is what NZ does, within 24 hrs. of entering the processing plant the meat is cut and packaged, it ages in its own blood.  

Since 1997 our animals have grazed on our pastures, eaten the best hay, natural grains and now Barley Fodder (sprouts), from our hydroponic fodder building.  Our goal is the same today and when we started, not to be the biggest but to always try to be the best.


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