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If you have ever eaten at one of America's finest Restaurants and ordered Venison, or seen it on the menu, it was I am sure,  Red Deer.  If you have ever been to Europe and eaten in one of the finer restaurants, you would have seen Venison, which would have been Red Deer, the Monarch of the Mountain, Red Stag, Stag, or sometimes called Red Elk in Europe.  In New Zealand the Red Deer Venison is called "Cervena" their patented name for the meat.  Unlike Cervena our Red Deer Venison is dry aged rather than wet aged, fed, using pasture and grain, and processed much younger.

Because of our love for this majestic creature, their thousands of years of history as a delicacy for Kings, Queens, and Nobles, we wanted to raise them on the fertile Iowa land, where we could furnish the very best of feeds for them. Keeping their pure breed lines, to ensure the tenderness and most flavorful of meats, is an integral part of our farming. Our livestock are fed the very best hay, pasture, and natural grains that we can raise or purchase for them. Our land is farmed organically, without using pesticides or herbicides. When we started raising Red Deer, our goal was never to be the biggest, but simply to be the Best. Our goal is the same today. That is why, from time to time, we will have to post, (SOLD OUT), on various cuts. That is because we are not huge with unlimited numbers, but we guarantee you the best, and we will not substitute just to be able to fill orders.

Larry and I were both reared on mid-western dairy farms, and raising livestock has been my life. Besides dairy cattle, I have raised pork, and raised, trained, and shown World and National and International Champion American Paint and Quarter Horses.

Our philosophy of life is to be Good Stewards of the Land and Shepherd to our Herds, as we are really not owners of either, but merely temporary caretakers to the blessings that have been given us.

If you are ever in the Fertile, Iowa area we welcome you to come for a tour of our farm and herd. For larger groups be sure to call in advance to make arrangements.


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