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"We have a dog who can only eat one source of protein venison and we cannot legally purchase venison locally. We are thrilled at the consistent quality of Bur Oaks deer meat and the reliably prompt service and delivery.Our dog is thriving. (Ann and Doug H., Olympia, WA)

Venison Steaks Testimonials 2

It is always great to hear how your dogs and cats are fairing on our Bur Oaks Venison. I've heard and know of many dogs who beg at the table or for table scraps. It was a first when a woman called to tell me that she cooks the venison ground and adds it to vegetables for their dog (bare in mind these people are vegetarian themselves). However, she said when cooking the Ground she would salivate, the look and smell was just too much. It also tastes good; therefore, they are incorporating a small amount into their now, little less, vegan diet.
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