Pet Food With Deer Meat - Homemade Dog Food With Venison

Venison Dog foodIt is a pleasure to furnish Dog and Cat food in the form of Ground Venison, Deer Trim, and Venison Stew Meat. We have met some wonderful, caring men and women who are Best Friends to their 4-legged family members. One afternoon, after our UPS driver had already been here, we had a customer call. You could hear the tears in her voice. Her cat was older and sick, he had not eaten for several days and the next afternoon at 4 PM the cat was to be at the Vets office for euthanasia. She said the Vet said the last chance would be if she found something, and he suggested venison that he would eat. I boxed up 2 pounds of ground venison and my husband took it in to UPS for overnight shipping.

During my conversation with the very nice lady, I found that her husband had recently passed away and her cat was all she had. She knew he was sick, but felt if he could just be with her a little longer, it would be so much better. I prayed for them both. She called as soon as the deer meat arrived and wanted to know how to cook it. My first thought was, try a little raw first.

He ate the deer meat, it was only a little at first, but a start. After that came more shipments of venison and the cat regained strength. After months of better health for the cat and more months to regain strength after the loss of her husband, our customer called again to let me know that her Kitty had passed from aging and the original health problem. However, she was very grateful for the months they had together because he would eat our Bur Oaks Venison.

Dog food allergies

More and more dogs are being diagnosed as having allergies to dog food. Many vets are now telling their clients to buy venison, as they have found this will not be an allergen for the dog. Many people when calling do not tell us they are going to be feeding it to their dog, or dogs. When some people do they act, almost apologetic, that the venison will be used for their best friend.

On the contrary, I am happy that people love their pets enough to make sure they get what they need and have to have to thrive. We also love to hear about the results of eating venison.
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