Why buy venison from us?

"Wanted to tell you I made venison chili yesterday. It was fabulous!! The deer meat was so fresh and flavorful, yet not too strong. I will definitely buy from you again, and should anyone ask for a recommendation, I will give them your information.Thank you again, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family."

"Thank you so much Judy. Love your product and have sent many people your way. Your product and detail to customer service is well above par too! I’m in the service business and I appreciate it when I get it. Thanks for all you do!"
Joe Schlueter

"He is going to love it. I appreciate the great customer service. Thanks again for making my dad's holiday."
Tina P. FL

" I am a first time customer and served the tenderloin from your site at Thanksgiving. It was a huge hit with everyone, even my five year old enjoyed it. I'm going out for gun season tomorrow but am worried whatever I bring back won't match up to the quality of your product."
Duncan Brown

"I am so pleased with my venison order. I cooked a steak tonight...it is tender and tasty. I will be ordering again!"

"Just roasted a shoulder roast you sent as a freebie with my last order. The best piece of braised meat I have ever tasted. Thank you. Will be ordering again soon."
Walter J.

"I just wanted to Thank you all for such Great Service....I bought from you for the 1st Time as a Christmas present for my Husband Keith. It arrived as promised frozen and he was THRILLED. You were also kind enough to sent Steak Knives. He grilled them yesterday and fell in love with the quality of your product. I will be buying again in the very near future again from you all and I'm going to tell all my other Florida friends and your wonderful service and quality. I just wanted you to know that you guy are GREAT...... And made my husband's Christmas very special.."
Mary E.

"WOW. . .what great taste, I prefer it to elk and whitetailed. As soon as I clear my freezer I will order more, and more..."
Juan M. PA

We have been consuming the venison steaks and chops we ordered from you. We were first time customers and will be back. The deer meat quality is spectacular!! Your service and prices are equally as good. Thank you."
Rudy Rau-Colorado Springs

"The cutting, packaging, and most importantly, deer meat quality, are SUPERLATIVE! I made a quick chop out of one of the racks, and simply rubbing with crushed red peppercorns & juniper & salt, then quick pan frying in butter, then a quick sauce made from glace de viande and wild blueberries: outstanding.
One of the people who tried it will not usually eat red meat, and pronounced it the best deer meat they'd had. Thank you for providing an excellent product."

"Just a brief note to tell you that your venison product arrived in fine shape last week. I've ordered from half a dozen internet purveyors and so far you are the best. Made my own venison osso bucco yesterday and it was marvelous. Look forward to doing more business with you."
Walt J., NY

"I received my 2nd order and it was as superb as the first...succulent deer steaks as fine as any restaurant...expect many more orders from me. You guys are awsome!"
Karl S., PA

"Judy, the venison rack was fabulous! I am very happy and will order from you again. It has been at least 30 years since I had tasted such clean tasting venison! Now I am planning to cook a venison all meat chili with one of the packs of ground venison I love a good deer chili."
Bruce, TX

We have a dog who can only eat one source of protein venison and we cannot legally purchase venison locally. We are thrilled at the consistent quality of Bur Oaks meat and the reliably prompt service and delivery.Our dog is thriving.--Ann and Doug H., Olympia, WA

"My wife will normally not eat deer meat because she thinks it has a gamey taste. However, when I secretly gave her one of your deer burgers instead of a beef burger, she loved it. Now we use the ground deer and deer patties in a lot of our recipes. Great venison."
Rick M, McCallsburg, IA

"Just wanted to let you know that the venison roast was a total success! My guests loved the deer meat, and it was such an easy task to prepare the roasts. I had fun! (Recipe used shared in Recipes section) What a great success it was to serve this meal! Thanks again for your help and suggestions. I will certainly be ordering more venison from you in the future.

Russell C., NY

"My daughter D. E. ordered venison from Bur Oaks for our Christmas present last year, and we have LOVED every deer meat package we've cooked!"
Wayne E, OK

"The deer meat arrived in excellent shape and we had some medallions for dinner. The whole family enjoyed every bite. No comparison to the wild game I've had. I have two boys, 7 and 13. Many times I have to tell them to hurry up and finish dinner after a half hour has gone by. Not today, they ate it as quickly as they eat Pizza! Not a comparison food wise, but you know kids!"
Brian G., AZ

"That was the best venison I have ever ate!! You should try cooking one of the roasts in a smoker...I did that and it was great. If you guys ever want a outside salesman for the Dallas - Ft Worth area let me know. Again, thanks and I WILL be ordering more in the future. Please let me know when you get more steaks."
Brad B., TX

"Thank you once again for everything. I just got thank you messages from Mr. G... and Mr. J... They were absolutely thrilled to receive your venison!"

Susan H., NY

"Hi, I brought one of the summer deer sausages to the office and wowed the guys. Should be ordering some soon. Thanks."

Grier H., VA

"You are too kind! Both K....... and my husband were absolutely thrilled (THRILLED!) with the venison you sent. (That's in addition to the other oohs-and-aahs I'm hearing from the other gentlemen you sent venison to.) I am hearing all kinds of bragging about the quality of this meat. I am getting all kinds of thank you's. So now it's time for me to thank you. You have been extremely helpful and I am extremely satisfied with all of the purchases."

Susan H., NY

"Hi, We had a great meal tonight. The deer Tenderloin was perfect. We used Epicurious.com recipe "Pan seared venison with rosemary and dried cherries " Thanks a lot we will buy more. "
Carl K. FL

"Just to let you know, yesterday I made the deer steaks. They were awesome! I also took the deer meat off the shanks and made a stew with it. It smells divine. I will freeze it for the fall. I took the shank bones to the butcher, who cut them and made stock. Also wonderful. So thank you for the beautiful deer meat."

Joann H., NY

"Good communication, fast shipping, very helpful, ....... highly recommended Venison Steaks.com for buying deer meat."
Francis V., CA

"We used the ground venison in a meatloaf this week. It was great. This weekend I will share the summer sausage with some friends at a party."
Doug R., KS

"Good communication, fast shipping, very helpful, ....... highly recommended Venison Steaks.com for deer meat."
Francis V., CA

"Quick, friendly service. Will buy deer meat from
Venison Steaks.com again."

Debra S. NY

"... great service, great deer meat....highly recommend."
Tom K., FL

"Super quality venison and very fast shipment - Thank you."
George J., IL

"Excellent deer meat quality! Looking forward to doing business again."
Ellen B., TX

"Beautiful venison!!! Will buy deer meat again and again. Excellent venison product! The best in venison, and the most devoted and nice sellers!!!"

M.J., FL

"The venison is amazing!!! Beats beef anytime!"

Joann H. NY

"Words cannot describe the quality deer meat!!! You have great communication and fast shipping."

Brian G. AZ

"Great stuff! Deer meat is packed VERY well and still frozen on arrival! THANKS!"

Linda S. FL

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